Welcome to year 5783!

Less approximately 4.5 billion planetary years or just 300,000 species years, give or take.

Closeup of 2 black dogs, big dog looks as if whispering in much smaller dog's ear. Smaller dog looks contemplative or slightly bored. Text reads:
Gut Yontif?
or Gut Yom Tov! Means “Good holiday to you!”
L’Shanah Tovah?
“Happy New Year!”
But … no fireworks!
Nope. Apples & honey. Then fasting. 
Nice! (Except for the fasting!)
Yearling Roo gets a little Jewish high holiday learning from 4 year old Draymond. Roo was so relieved there were no fireworks on Rosh Hashanah and will be very happy to discover he need not fast for Yom Kippur!