What’s this all about, Wolfie?

In essence this blog is about embracing a life with chronic illness. Although I have more than one serious, chronic disease, the one that really brings them all together for me is lupus. Lupus is Latin for wolf.

Rather than fight against a big, bad wolf, I decided to embrace my now lifelong companion. (See my 3-part post, “Collaborating with My Wolf” to get an idea of what I’m going on about.) Along the way I’m redefining for myself what it means to treat disease, have health, be disabled, be of value, be Deb.

It’s an emerging philosophy that I’m sharing with the hope it will work for at least a few others out there. Because health and healthcare intersect with just about everything else, this blog is also the home for my thoughts on related issues, such as disability, mental health, trauma, and women’s issues. And dogs. Because I love dogs.

My wolf is not gentle. It is wild and enigmatic. And it is mine.

Head of wolf-like black dog, outlined with red-tinted watercolor effect
Duke, our Schipperke dog. He has been mistaken for a wolf more than once.

The image above is of a mixed-media artwork created by the multi-talented Amanda Machon for me. Check out her rocking band, Red Light Cameras!