Falling in Love Again … with the Same Old Guy

Over a year of “quarantine” together can really test a relationship, even after 35 years of committed coupledom through better and worse. Recently, the man has presented me with the opportunity to feel the love — instead of/more than the irritation.

I guess I won’t kill him just yet.

1. He declared a gorgeous Black woman stunning! Very early on, he told me he didn’t find Black women attractive. Was nearly a deal-breaker for me, despite knowing of the bigoted environment of his childhood(+), coupled with our collective culture that doesn’t honor Black women for their beauty. And brains. Et cetera.

2. In a calm and loving voice he clearly explained to our younger dog, age 2 years and 11 months, why she should abandon her efforts to widen the hole she started under the couch cushion. Though she looked as if she understood him as well as a toddler, she has, in fact, stopped attacking the couch.

3. He is very excited that our vehicle is destined to be on screen, clearly — maybe even prominently — in a season 6 episode of Better Call Saul. He is practically ecstatic that he’s been involved in 1 or 2 episodes each of seasons 2–6 of BCS. Below is a still of him in action on the tee-vee.

4. He started watching the movie Queen & Slim without me and loved it so much he knew he had to hold off watching more until we could enjoy it together. (Film is amazing, intense, and possibly best enjoyed with a loved one.)

5. While reflecting on Easter holidays, he said, “I was severely Catholic as a kid.” Now we can’t stop playing with Severely Catholic. Band name? Clothing line? Dog-training method? Pasta sauce!

Foreground: busts of 2 major characters talking face to face. Between them is a red arrow pointing to a fuzzy image of a person in the background, features indistinguishable.
That’s my man under the big, red arrow. So handsome!